About Black Diamond Manufacturing and Engineering, Inc.

Black Diamond Manufacturing and Engineering, Inc. is one of the nation’s leading sources for product development technologies, from early concept models, through tooling and production. Our experienced professionals have constantly innovated manufacturing solutions to improve speed and efficiency throughout the product development cycle. Today, we are harnessing the power of the latest technologies, and our experience in design and engineering, to help us fulfill our mission: To bring our customers’ products to market as rapidly, reliably and cost-effectively as possible.

Complete Product Development Resources
Everything we do is geared around taking our customers’ ideas to the next dimension. Whether you require rapid prototyping services for early stage concept testing or need a partner with proven experience and expertise to manage your injection molding program, Black Diamond Manufacturing has the capabilities you need.

Our comprehensive capabilities and services span the entire product development cycle, from creation of appearance models, prototypes and engineering models using such technologies as stereolithography, selective laser sintering, laser scanning or cutting, and reverse engineering; to CNC machining; RTV (room temperature vulcanized) rubber molds to produce multiple urethane parts; rapid tooling; aluminum and steel injection mold making; and injection molding and assemblies. Our network of specialists includes leaders in related industries and processes from foundries and investment casting houses to sheet metal fabrication. These capabilities make Black Diamond the ideal, one-stop resource for your project.

The People behind the Technology
Technology is only one reason to choose Black Diamond. It’s also the people behind the technology who set us apart. From CAD specialists to quality assurance, our staff offers unparalleled depth and breadth of experience. We offer a complete range of engineering and design services to complement your own capabilities. And for those jobs where only hand fabrication will do, we also offer the services of craftsmen dedicated to the fine art of model making.

Carne Denley and her staff continue to be at the cutting edge of product development techniques. Their list of satisfied customers varies from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups, entrepreneurs, research groups, and design firms.


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